DIY Range - Fully Loaded

DIY Range - Fully Loaded

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Love Bexfast but wish you could keep your pots in the cupboard or that you didn't have to remember to defrost one the night before?!

Well now you can! The Bexfast DIY range is going to completely revolutionise your mornings - whether you are in a rush, taking it easy, chasing the kids around trying to get them ready for school or eating in the office, this range is perfect for any time you want to eat something nutritious and absolutely delicious without the faff.

Meet your new favourite flavours:

* Gingerbread
* Red Velvet
* Tiramisu


With each pack you will receive 1x Blendable Cashew Cream Sachet (per 6 oat sachets) that you just need to add milk to, blend and can keep in the fridge for up to 4 days - you can also freeze it for 6 months! Add to your breakfast daily, and even your fave desserts!


Fully Loaded Pack of 6 - 2x each flavour oat sachet + 1x Vanilla Cashew Cream blender sachet

Fully Loaded Pack of 12 - 4x each flavour oat sachet + 2x Vanilla Cashew Cream blender sachet

 Typical Values per 100g:

Red Velvet -
energy/kcal.. 398kcal
fat.. 9g
of which saturates.. 3.6g
carbs.. 57g
of which sugars.. 26g
fibre..  9g
protein.. 13.5g
salt.. 0.9g

Gingerbread -
energy/kcal.. 398kcal
fat.. 10g
of which saturates.. 4.2g
carbs.. 56g
of which sugars.. 19.9g
fibre..  9.9g
protein.. 11.5g
salt.. 0.5g

Tiramisu -
energy/kcal.. 399kcal
fat.. 10.2g
of which saturates.. 4.2g
carbs.. 57g
of which sugars.. 20g
fibre..  8.8g
protein.. 11.5g
salt.. 0.7g