about us

Bex Walker and her daughter Tyler are the vegan dream team behind Bexfast.

Built with passion for whole foods and dessert they combined the two to make these insanely delicious pots that allow you to have your cake and eat it.. for breakfast! Yasss!

Bex started the award-winning, all natural, vegan breakfast company in 2015 after changing her unhealthy lifestyle, in the hope that she would be a positive role model for her daughter, Tyler. Having been addicted to cake throughout the pregnancy, Bex wanted to find a way to cut the cravings without forfeiting the taste or satisfaction and that is when she began making the first versions of the whole food, breakfast pots. 

Daily posts of her breakfast on Instagram soon sparked the demand to buy Bex’s ‘no junk’ creations and after a few months she was selling the basic versions of her Bexfast Pots at a friend's bootcamp on Clapham Common.
As well as being popular with the bootcamp goers, people who had seen the pots online also started turning up after the classes to get their hands on them and soon it was clear that this was going to become something very special.

After becoming ill with Chronic Fatigue and using a plant based diet to successfully aid her recovery, Bex is now a huge advocate for eating food that works to help the body function at it’s best.. whilst tasting like it should be bad for you!

From bootcamps to tube station drop-offs, winning 'London's Hottest Food Entrepreneur' and successfully crowdfunding over £23k..
Bex has built this well-loved food company against all the odds, with her daughter by her side.

Read on to hear the story in her own words.


Bex, was named 
‘London’s Hottest Food Entrepreneur 2017’
by Levi Roots and Westfield


 The story so far..

Throughout my pregnancy with my daughter, Tyler, I was massively addicted to cake (cherry bakewells mostly!) but I decided when she was born that I wanted to get fit & healthy. I had hated my body for most of my life and was allowing how I felt about my reflection to dictate everything - sometimes stopping me going out. I noticed a few months after Tyler was born that I was slipping back into some pretty bad episodes of self loathing and made a decision that I was absolutely not going to teach her to feel that way about her body - it would break my heart.

I started running when she was about 9 months old, got really into it and then started to look at what I was eating (mostly garlic bread & cake) and the effect it was having on my body/mood. I started cutting out processed foods and questioned why I had ever put things in my body that I had no idea what they were (hello crazy chemicals + weird man made ingredients) I started eating more natural foods & cut out dairy milk and refined sugar - but I was still addicted to cake so that’s when I started making the first versions of my #BEXFAST pots. I loved finding ways to cut the cravings but knowing that by using whole foods every ingredient was doing me good rather than slowing me down & making me feel crap. I then got extremely ill in 2014 with CFS & turned completely plant-based. 

Bexfast was never meant to be a business but after posting pics & recipe videos on my insta page (I think I had about 400 followers at this point) people started asking if they could buy them!! Long story short - I grabbed a bunch of random jars and £20 worth of ingredients & started selling them at a friends boot camp on Clapham Common.

 My friends bought them, then people started showing up from the internet to buy them too! I got them into 2 shops but I had no budget so I hand wrote all the labels. We sold out most days before they even got into the fridges!! I started doing drop offs at tube stations all over London on a Saturday with the pots in a suitcase - and then on a Wednesday as well.. all with my daughter in tow or between the school hours. I would stay up until 3am most nights making them and then do the school run.

In 2017 I won ‘London’s Hottest Food Entrepreneur’ and then in January 2018 I had a month long pop up at Westfield Stratford City. In the Feb I turned my blog into a shop, got a contract with DPD and started delivering pots across the Uk. All from our tiny kitchen at home! Our house was filled with boxes and extra fridges - basically a warehouse 

In November 2018 we launched a Kickstarter campaign to move the business out of my house and into a real life kitchen and we raised over £23k!! I finally gave up my part time job in January this year and now my Bexfast Pots are made by 5 awesome women in a kitchen in Leyton and we have scaled beyond my wildest dreams this year! I have some major plans for continuous growth and I'm excited to what 2020 holds for this rapidly evolving not-so-small business!


Here's to more years of learning as we go and making beautiful, healthy food!

100% YUM. 0% JUNK.