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Average serving size per pot?
It may vary slightly between flavours but the average estimated serving per pot is 220g

Can I freeze my pots?
Yasss! To defrost, take one out of the freezer the night before you want it and pop it in the fridge - it will be ready for you in the morning. Just make sure to eat it within 24 hours

Are Bexfast Pots suitable for diabetics?
As I'm not a nutritionist I can't give this advice. All the nutritional values are listed beneath each product on this website. If in doubt, please talk to your doctor/health adviser

Shelf Life
For 6 out of our 7 flavours the shelf life will be 5 days. The only one with a shorter shelf life is the Cherry Bakewell which is at it's best for 3 days. Just make sure you eat those ones first, not that you will need any encouraging as it is now our top selling product!