Cherry Bakewell Limited Edition

Cherry Bakewell Limited Edition

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We previously teamed up with the epic Coconut Collaborative to bring you these delicious, Cherry Bakewell inspired pots of goodness using Coconut Collab's Unsweetened, dairy-free Almond yoghurt to deliver all the almondy creaminess. They have since stopped selling the almond yoghurt but we tweaked the recipe slighly to keep it just as delicious without it - as requested by our customers!

They are Limited Edition so make sure you get your hands on them while you can.

GLUTEN FREE OATS, water, coconut rice drink (water, European rice, coconut puree, sea salt), banana, cherries, flaxseed, chia seeds, ALMOND extract, maple syrup, ALMOND slices, dates, salt.
PLEASE BE AWARE: although we use Gluten Free Oats, some other ingredients may have been processed in a factory that handles Gluten. Contains NUTS.

Limited Edition pots are NOT available in the Box of 6.

As our breakfast pots are made from nothing but fresh, wholefood ingredients with no chemicals they do have a short shelf life but the good news is that they are all freezable. If you don't think you will get through your order within the shelf life given on the lids then make sure you pop some in the freezer on the day of delivery. To defrost, take it out of the freezer and leave in the fridge overnight. It will be ready for you in the morning! Just be sure to eat it within 24hours. Enjoy :)
Nutritional Values per 100g
Energy 683.1kJ/163.0kcal
Fat 4.3g
of which saturates 1.2g
Carbohydrate 25.9g
of which sugars 4.1g
Added Sugar 0.3g
Fibre 4.1g
Protein 5.8g
Salt 0.06g