Bex Walker, owner of Bexfast was named
‘London’s Hottest Food Entrepreneur 2017’ by Levi Roots and Westfield Shopping Centre

Mum of one, Bex Walker, started her all natural vegan breakfast company in 2015 after changing
her unhealthy lifestyle in the hope that she would be a positive role model to her daughter Tyler.

Daily posts of her breakfast on Instagram soon sparked people asking to buy Bex’s ‘no junk’ creations
and after a few months Bex was selling the first versions of her Bexfast Pots at a friends bootcamp on Clapham Common.
As well as being popular with the bootcamp goers, people who had seen the pots online also started turning up after the classes to get their hands on the pots and soon it was clear that this was going to become a real product.

After becoming ill with Chronic Fatigue and using a plant based diet to successfully aid her recovery, Bex is now a huge
advocate for eating food that works to help the body function at it’s best.. whilst tasting like it should be bad for you!

“I’m a firm believer in plants and the wonderful things they can do for your body so I started my oat-based
range to make eating a junk free, indulgent tasting and genuinely healthy meal in the morning super easy,
even if you never have time for

DSC_0166_Every #BEXFAST Pot is handmade in London with a whole lot of love and passion and made from nada but 100% natural ingredients.
No added sugar.
No preservatives.
No crap.
Our breakfasts are packaged in sustainable glass jars too.. because single use plastic needs to go!
If you like the sound of raspberries with chocolate cream, caramel with crunchy peanut butter or carrot cake to eat in the a.m. with not an ounce of guilt then these pots are for you!

100% YUM. 0% JUNK.