Hey guyyysss!!!

It has been a (very) long time since I have written any blog posts but I am back with a brand new look and finally.. an online shop! What do you think about the new website?! Obvs it’s black which obviously means I love it haha.

The last year has been wonderfully and insanely busy for me and my little pots of goodness and there are no signs of slowing down..

So, what’s been happening?
In June 2017 I was named ‘London’s Hottest Food Entrepreneur’ by Westfield and Levi Roots which was incredible! Over 80 businesses had entered the competition and amazingly, I won, with probably the least professional presentation ever haha. Just goes to show that if you are super passionate about what you do then that usually does all the talking for you.

Check out this little feature in the Evening Standard:


Westfield Stratford City then invited me to have a pop up at their shopping centre for a weekend in November which went incredibly well.. so well that they asked if I would like to have the space for the whole of January too! I have about a week left here and they have asked today if we would like to stay for the first week of Feb too. Bloody amazing. So thankful for all the support Westfield and Levi have given me, finally feeling like an actual business person and super confident in my products and myself, as a boss. You just can’t buy that kind of gift. The last 6 months months have been nothing but constant working and organising but I have loved every day and somehow managed not to lose out with too much time as Tyler’s mama. She has been coming to the shop after school with me, accompanying me to influencer events and being the constant encouragement she has always been. My husband, Jovel, has also been a dream with filling in all the gaps I couldn’t fill and picking me back up when I felt like it was all getting a bit too much.

Also in the what’s new category is my wonderful assistant, Ellie who has been helping me get a lot of stuff like the costings, spreadsheets and paperwork sorted in order to be at Westfield, as well as helping me to run the shop. Having her on the team is a total dream and I couldn’t have made it through the last few months without her!

What’s next?
In the midst of sorting the new website and organising the shop over the crazy Christmas period I was also trying to plan what is going to happen once we close at Westfield. I have huge plans for this year and one of my main goals was to get Bexfast more widely available and I’m so excited to tell you that we now have a contract with amazing courier service, DPD. I will be launching this service in the next few weeks and this means Bexfast Pots will be available UK wide!! To start the year this way is just so awesome and means that I can now focus on my other plans for growing the business which includes possibly getting a small production line going and ultimately.. a Bexfast Cafe at some point in time. As usual, I have no idea about how any of this works but I will continue to learn as I go and keep breaking every ‘I can’t do that’ thought I ever had. It’s absolutely incredible to see how far pure hard work and determination can take you, everything else you need can be acquired along the way. Let me be the proof of that haha.

It has been so great to see how much you guys love your pots. The messages, comments and conversations bring tears to my eyes every time! I really appreciate your feedback so much and it has been lovely to meet so many more of you since having the pop up. I freaking love squeezing you all.

We finish at Westfield at the end of January so if you want to come and get some of my delicious superfood pots in your face or try out my brand All Natural Chocolate Fondue then get yourself down to the Great Eastern Kitchen opposite Waitrose on the lower ground floor at Westfield Stratford City.

I will be updating you on the delivery situation as soon as I’m ready to go!!

Much love always,


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