This morning’s breakfast was one that dreams are made of.. No fuss, nutritionally packed and tasted like it should be bad for me.. but it’s not! Dah.. does it get better than that?!
(I live a life based around food so please forgive me for the immense joy this brings me)

Let’s set the seen.. It was the night before Tyler went back to school after two weeks off. I’m not the most organised at the best of times so with the manic, early morning school run in mind I decided it would be a good idea to chuck some oats in the fridge so at least that was covered, leaving maximum time to sort out any other 8am dramas that might arise.

Like the last recipe, this was thrown together from what I had at home (as I STILL hadn’t been shopping) and I hadn’t measured any of it so I will try to detail this as best I can but to be honest, with these kind of oats you can’t really go wrong.

FYI – I made one big bowl + we just shared it.



* Oats – I filled about 2/3 of a medium sized bowl
* Chia seeds – 2 Tbsp
* Flaxseed – 1.5 Tbsp
* Pumpkin seeds – small handful
* Cacao powder – 1 heaped Tbsp
* Silken Tofu – 2 Tbsp
* Coconut – 1.5 Tbsp
* Plenish hazelnut milk (you can use any non dairy)
* Pomegranate
* Raw Gorilla Raw Cacao Crispies
* Dates – 4 chopped into small pieces


In a bowl I mixed the oats, chia seeds, flaxseed, cacao powder and coconut together before adding enough milk to just about cover the mixture then stirred slowly (it won’t be enough milk yet but to make sure you don’t end up with slop just bear with me). Next I added the tofu and mixed really well until there were no big lumps. Chuck in the pumpkin seeds and chopped dates and continue adding small amounts of milk as you stir, until you reach a thick but easy to mix consistency.
NOTE: Don’t let it get too runny but if it does, just add more oats to thicken it up again. The oats and chia seeds will soak up some of the milk over night so allow some liquid but just don’t let it go swimming.

In the morning chuck some bits on top, grab your favourite person, 2 spoons and get your faces involved!
The tofu makes it super creamy and puddingy whilst providing some additional plant based protein. The dates add the right amount of sweetness naturally without overpowering the whole bowl and the flax, chia and coconut add that superfood punch. Not to mention oats packing it out with fibre.. Perfect.

100% YUM. 0% Junk.

She was so small!!


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