I believe one of the most important missions of my life is to find all the greatest junk-free vegan food and eat it…
and then share my findings with you so we can all look out for better choices in the supermarkets and on the high street and joyfully stuff our faces without feeling guilty about ruining our bodies, our children, the animals or the planet! It’s a tough job, but somebody’s got to do it.. Bex the martyr.  That’s me.
..Please don’t try to save me.
Really. It’s ok.

Processed with VSCO with s2 presetRecently, me and Tyler were sent a big box of awesomeness from Rebel Kitchen, who are the makers of one of our favourite on-the-go drinks.. Super delicious, dairy free milk in all kinds of flavours for kids and adults and made with only a few nutritious ingredients..
Yassss please.

Theses mylks were a real life saver when I stopped Tyler having dairy a few years back and there are just so many other reasons that I luurrve this brand so let’s talk Rebel Kitchen!

As a vegan mum, it’s important to me that Tyler never feels like she is ‘missing out’ and
that she really gets why we eat and live the way we do. I get told quite a lot that I’m lucky to have a kid that likes vegetables and healthy food but let me tell you, that did not happen by accident!
It has been a lot of constant persistence, not backing down, conversation, getting creative, searching for good alternatives and a little bit of trickery. Yep you heard me, trickery!
If you really believe in something then you can’t let a kid having a tantrum stop you from following through, so instead of just taking away that gross lollipop that is full of nothing but sugar and weird colouring, why not present something made of completely natural ingredients and get super excited while you are telling them about it and make it seem like some magical thing they can’t believe they haven’t experienced yet?!
(The way I can get excited about vitamin C and an orange is something special to watch)
But the great thing about being a parent in 2017 is that healthy food and drinks are now being produced in the most amazing packaging and really selling itself to our kids before we even have to try, and this is one of the ways Rebel Kitchen is completely nailing it! I LOVE the way they have branded their products. It’s cool, colourful and fun and gets straight to the heart of what the company is all about – That really delicious, nutritious goodness without any junk. Just so perfect. But you don’t even have to tell your kid it is an alternative or that it’s healthy, they taste so good they won’t even question it. Wizard level – mum.

Processed with VSCO with b5 presetAnd it’s not just for kids, I’m a total sucker for the adult mylks too. My eye kept getting drawn to the awesome packaging when I first spotted them in Tesco a while back, so when I realised that they were vegan and completely natural I may have just lost my mind a little! I think the coffee one is my all time fave but they are all bloody delicious.

So, what is ‘junk free’? I talk about things being ‘junk free’ a lot but what is that? To me that means that every ingredient is a real thing. No chemicals, no weird words I can’t pronounce, no refined sugar and no e-numbers. Basically, one word for each ingredient like – ‘dates’ or ‘cashews’.
Why go junk free? There is so much rubbish put into most packaged food and it’s scary how we have just accepted it and even worse, not noticed it! These ingredients are there to preserve the shelf life or are fillers added to cut the cost of using ‘real’ ingredients by bulking it out with cheap stuff that has no nutritional purpose for our bodies. The focus is not to benefit you but to make as much money possible for the company who produce them. Even a lot of  so-called ‘health’ products do this and completely rely on our miseducation of food, knowing that we will only focus on the highlighted elements like ’10g of protein!” or “packed with fibre” and have no idea what else is in it.. but it’s got to be good for you if its high in protein though right?! Nah mate. Everything we put in should make our bodies work better and not worse. For us, not against us. Kinda just makes sense but I’d never even questioned it until a few years ago. Mad.
Why we love Rebel Kitchen: All of the RK drinks are made with just a few, whole ingredients. For example, the ingredients for their Chocolate flavour mylk are:
*Spring water
*Organic coconut milk
*Organic Date Nectar
*Organic cacao
That’s it?!
And when it can taste THAT good from just those few ingredients, you have to wonder why there are so many things listed on the labels of other brands.. Just throwing that out there!
But not only do we love the taste and the ingredients, we really love their whole ethos and the fact that everything they use is organic and responsibly sourced. This is a brand I love as a mum – for giving me great alternatives for my kid, as a vegan – because we are just so happy to have incredible tasting options available to us, and as a small, natural food business owner – because this is everything I want people to feel about Bexfast.
Sorry for the mushiness..
It’s true love.


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Any how.

In the morning.
After school.
In a lunchbox.
In our oats.
In a smoothie.
On the train.
With a banana.
Drink half + swap.

The great thing is, they are stocked in so many places now so you can add them to your list of quick, genuinely healthy, kid + vegan friendly snacks/treats/obsessions
and never be disappointed..
Here’s a few places you can grab yo’self some Rebel Kitchen Mylks:

Holland & Barrett
Whole Foods
Planet Organic

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