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Is it just me or is this year speeding past already?! It’s a little bit scary but loads of stuff is happening so I just wanted to quickly update you on some of the newness going down at BEXFAST HQ..



If you follow me online or buy my #BEXFAST pots then you will have noticed recently, that I finally changed the packaging of my breakfast pots from the handwritten labels of love (and crampy hands) to some fancy new colourful stickers!! I’m totally in love with them and they are saving me soooooo much time but I know some of you, like me, feel a bit nostalgic about the old look of the pots. It’s a truly beautiful thing that they were loved and cherished so much, I’m so thankful that all the hours of writing them never went unnoticed or appreciated but in order to grow this company it had to be done and I’m excited about where we are headed next.



As well as the stickers, I now have a new pick up point for my pots, in Brixton! Yay!!
Kuku, which is a gorgeous Persian inspired restaurant right next door to Ms Cupcake, is now holding the pots for anyone who has ordered from me and needs a place to pick them up outside of my delivery schedule. (Ordering details below). This creates a whole new way to get your hands on the goodness and guarantees you can get the exact flavour and amounts you want!

Kuku – great coffee and food with loads of vegan/veggie options

For a list of stockists click here or check the menu on my home page
and if you would like to order some of my #BEXFAST Pots or discuss events or
partnership then please email me at



So, as an ex-singer you would probably think that I would be quite comfortable in front of an audience but the truth is, being on stage has always freaked me out! With music it’s not so bad as there is a lot going on but when you are stood talking to a room full of people it’s very personal and makes me quite nervous and sweaty haha!
Recently I was asked to speak at an incredible vegan and conscious living event called Vevolution Topics about my journey from super unhealthy to becoming a mum, getting fit and turning to plants to help live with chronic fatigue. It was such an honour to be asked to be a part of it and the feedback has been a little overwhelming! 2017 is definitely the year of feeling the fear and doing it anyway.. you won’t regret it.

I believe the talk was filmed so when I have the link I will post it up for anyone who may want to watch it.


 There’s a lot of cool stuff coming up this year for my little business so make sure you hit the follow button to get all the latest news, recipes and life stuff!

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