Something very cool happened this year.. I received an email from Mattel, the company behind Barbie, saying that they really loved the #Bexfast movement and my approach to food and exercise with my daughter!
Say whhhaaaaaattt?!?! Hold on.. how did they even find me?! Mental.
They asked if they could send me something and I was really happy to find out what it was..


Now, Barbie as a concept is not something I have always agreed with. The unobtainable body shapes and #goals to have all the latest material stuff is just not what I get down with. I have never bought Tyler a Barbie. But when I opened the box to see that these dolls were all about getting moving and being active I thought that it was a definite improvement on the ‘air-head’ image I have so often associated with this brand. Oh, and the fact that they had sent one doll that looked like me and one that looked like Ty was pretty cool too!


Every joint of these dolls from the Barbie Movement range move and they can do anything from a headstand to riding a bike (and a way better warrior two pose than I’ll probably ever be capable of!)
I love that the times are changing and encouragement to be smarter, stronger and healthier are becoming more readily available to our children and also, that the big companies are seeing how important it is to get on board.

We have had a lot of fun getting our Barbie’s doing all sorts of workouts and then trying to do them ourselves.. think Twister with more burpees!!


Things I’m Passionate About..

I feel really strongly about the correlation between knowledge of health and feeling empowered.
When you are actively looking after yourself and know the direct impact that what we do to our bodies has on our lives and when we take ownership and accept that we may need to change our habits to feel better and do better, it is really powerful.
So often we look for someone/something to blame as to why we can’t change. I have done it SO much throughout my life but owning those things and taking responsibility makes us incredibly strong and when we accept it is down to each one of us, it means we can actually make a difference.

I also feel very passionately about the involvement that we as parents, siblings, friends and family have in getting young people away from screens and out in the fresh air, using their bodies to run and jump and climb trees and do all the stuff we used to love as kids before the internet took over.
Children learn to value the things that they are shown to have worth –
So, let’s teach them to know they are beautiful in a world that will tell them otherwise, let’s teach them how to eat well in the times of fast food being so readily available and cheap, let’s kick a ball around outside with them instead of giving them a tablet to get engrossed in and let’s give them the confidence to own their mistakes rather than looking for blame.

Let’s give them time, knowledge and conversation so they know their importance and worth in a world that will tell them they don’t matter or that they need to change to be considered worthy of acceptance and love.

In order to do these things though, we need to first love and accept ourselves which is not always easy.


Let’s not be too busy or lazy to let them know that they are capable of changing the world.
Let’s really get them to understand the amazing possibilities that are out there for them if they just believe they can.

Kids know what we teach them.

Let’s teach them properly.

Let’s do it together. 


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