My Top 5 – Oats Over Goats

Ok, so it doesn’t sound quite as good as bros over h*es or M.O.B. (neither of which I think are appropriate statements by the way!) but I think it gives some quick insight into how I like my food. Oaty not goaty. No animal products at all in fact. But give me all the oats!

The thing about oats is that they are packed full of goodness, they are an amazing base that can be as exciting or neutral as you want and they are going to actually fill you up whilst working with your body to get you all powered up without the inevitable sugar crash of a bowl of crunchy nut blah blahhs.

The thing about goats is they need a lot of attention and feeding and then you realise they are so cute and awesome that you really don’t want to have to hurt them just to fill your belly anyway and then you just end up adopting a load of them and becoming ‘that goat lady’ and like, right now, I’m just not sure you need that stigma in your social life. Unless you are an animal activist then do your thing ma!! Adopt all the goats!

Anyway.. To make sense of what I have just said, here are my top 5 reasons you should get some oaty goodness into your day..

  • GOOD FIBEZ –  Oats are packed with fiber which is super important for health and digestion. There are 2 types of fiber -soluble and insoluble. We need them both and wonderfully, most plant based foods contain a mixture of the two – go plants! Soluble fiber absorbs water and turns into a gel like consistency in your stomach which helps slow digestion right down, keeping you fuller for longer (less snacking!), helps to keep your cholesterol low and reduces risk of diabetes. Insoluble fiber doesn’t absorb water but instead adds bulk to your poo which stimulates regular bowel movements and keeps you constipation free. A healthy digestive tract can also decrease the risk of some cancers, intestinal ulcers and diseases associated with low-fiber diets.SOLD!!Processed with VSCO with s3 preset
  •  EASY – The funny thing about me having a food business is that I was never a great cook, I actually cried the first time I made my boyfriend (now husband) a fry up when I was 22 because I’d basically f’d it right up and was totally embarrassed at the state of it. Lolz. Anyway, the point of the story is, even though I am now way better in the kitchen, oats are for everyone. You need 5mins, medium-low heat, a spoon and an arm to stir them with OR make overnight oats the night before which also takes 5mins – if that. Chuck them in a jar with dairy-free milk (because cows milk is for baby cows – so weird that became a thing) add some chia seeds, fruit, peanut butter, maple syrup, nuts or whatever you fancy and put it in the fridge. Wake up, breakfast done. Seriously easy. No tears.
  • BREAKFAST MAKES YOU SMART – Pretty much every study ever has showed that if you eat a good breakfast in the morning you are going to be happier, healthier and just do a lot better. I always ask people to think about a car, would you expect it to work at its best running on next to no fuel? No. You would be constantly worried it was going to break down and stop. You are the car in this analogy. Also, just think how much more easily distracted you are when your belly is growling at you and all you can think of is eating whatever you can get to first which will probably be something loaded with sugar and chemicals resulting in momentary satisfaction followed by a crash which will then lead to unproductiveness. Vicious hangry circle. The definition of crazy is to do the same things over and over hoping for a different outcome so do the smart thing and get some good food in you in the a.m. and see how much more awesome your day, mood and productivity can be.img_2630
  • CHEAP AS – Oats are stupidly cheap, even if you like the more fancy brand ones. Gluten free are a bit pricier but considering you could get quite a large bag for less than you’d pay for 1 coffee and a croissant on 1 morning (and probably still be hungry) I’d say you were definitely winning if you invest between £2-£4 on 1 day that will fuel you for the rest of the week and beyond. Supermarkets are jumping on the superfood hype too so things like chia seeds and flax seeds ,which will add a real nutritional punch to your breakfast without any extra faff, can be found for like a quid or two and will also last you ages. Bunch of bananas? Pound. Apples? Pound. Frozen blueberries? £2. Spend a fiver  wisely and eat well for over a week. Life hack!
  • MULTI-PURPOSE – Oats are great for more than just filling your morning with joy! If you blend oats for a few seconds and add them to your bath (known as colloidal oats) you can experience a whole other realm of benefits from these glorious little grains. Oats are rich in beta-glucans which can reduce skin inflammation and soothe skin conditions like eczema, chicken pox, nappy rash, sun burn and insect bites to name a few. In a lot of cases they can also cure it. Oats are also great for cleansing and moisturising the skin whilst being extremely soothing and because its completely natural you can use it on the most sensitive of skins and you don’t have to worry about any nasty chemicals. So whether you are putting them on your face or in your face there is no way you can go wrong!!

Let me know if you are an oat lover or loather and leave any questions or comments below! X


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  1. LOVE this Bex! I made an effort to start eating more oats for breakfast (I can’t get my head around the texture/consistency) and this morning I enjoyed oats with forest fruits, half soy milk, half water, and a sprinkle of cinnamon and it was sooo nice! Loved this post, makes me feel good about eating them 🙂 x

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