A question I get asked quite a lot is where the idea for #BEXFAST came from so I thought I’d write a little bit about my journey from ‘just being a mum’ to running a small business…


While I was pregnant I was completely obsessed with cake, cherry bakewells were my fave. Mmm. When my daughter was born the cravings and bad habits never left and I was starting to realise that eating all this junk wasn’t having a positive effect on my body so I decided to sort myself out and get healthy for the first time ever. I started running and it really became my thing. It wasn’t even just about the exercise, it was the only time I had for myself. I got to really challenge myself, I had the space to think about non-mum related stuff and I got a little bit of freedom. I felt like I was getting to know myself again but a completely new version.

Before my daughter was born I was a singer and songwriter and had actually met her dad while we were both recording albums in America. We fell in love, finished our projects, flew home to London and Tyler was conceived just over a year later! It just so happened to be the very same time I was offered two record deals and the chance to live the life I had always dreamed of. At 23 I had some big decisions to make and I can honestly say I have never once regretted my choice. Being Tyler’s mum is awesome! I tried writing and recording after Ty was born but it just didn’t fulfil me like it used to. I didn’t want the same things anymore which was really scary to admit after devoting my whole life to it from the age of 15. I was entirely wrapped up in this bubble of love with my little family and I didn’t want to do anything that meant I had to leave Tyler for more than a few hours so I decided to focus on my new passion – fitness.


Learning about healthy eating and how the body works was like a whole new language, who knew you didn’t have to starve yourself to lose weight?! Genius! The more I learnt, the more everything made sense and over the next year and a half I cut out refined sugars (yep, goodbye daily cake and cookie intake), dairy (other than feta) and massively reduced my meat intake until finally becoming vegan about 6 months after that. My sweet tooth was not impressed and I needed to find a way to satisfy it without breaking all my new ideals. This is when I started making the first versions of my cakey-but-healthy breakfast pots. I downloaded Instagram and started posting pictures of my food and after a while people were asking for recipes and if they could buy breakfast from me! I thought it was crazy because I was really no great chef but it didn’t stop so when my friend started his bootcamp I asked if I could sell the pots there just to see what happened. I don’t think I really expected anyone to buy them. They sold out almost every week and after a while people started showing up from instagram to get them. That’s when I knew there was really something in this.

I had two jobs whilst still being a full time mama and trying to get #Bexfast running as a business and to be honest I’m not quite 11078156_10153157937093758_6638451148505734289_nsure how it all worked with only 24 hours in a day and a husband who works equally as much, I just had to pack it all in and really devote every bit of time I could into making everything work together. From the beginning I have tried to get my daughter involved as much as I can so that even days that she has to come and do deliveries with me seem like fun for her and she is excited and invested in making it all happen. She’s the best helper!

The truth is I have never been a great employee, I don’t like doing things I find pointless, I’m easily distracted and a real chatterbox. I always thought I just didn’t like working but this felt good and made me want to learn and grow and really work my ass off!

Time for exercise was getting smaller and smaller but I still wanted to run so I’d run to meetings, to meet friends, straight after the nursery drop and always a long run when I finished work on Saturdays which was a bit mental because my Thursdays and Fridays were spent 9-5’ing at a solicitors office, then straight after I had to get all the ingredients, come home, put Ty to bed, make the pots until 1am then get back up at 5.45am, have breakfast with my daughter, go to bootcamp, do the workout, sell the pots then go straight to my other job in a pub – all before 9am!!! Literally non-stop. I never thought I was capable of any of this, especially with a body that sometimes doesn’t work due to CFS but I think that the discipline I learnt from running has really helped. Passion, discipline and being a little bit crazy.


I recently gave up my other jobs to focus on growing my brand so thankfully I have a bit more time to fit everything in now! I am very much learning and growing as I go and #BEXFAST is nowhere near where I see it being yet but this whole new life is exciting and scary and sometimes (a lot of times) I feel like I must have lost my mind to be risking it all for an idea I once had because I just wanted to eat cake all the time! So funny.

Anyway, that’s a very brief outline of the last few years. Who knows where a craving can take you?! 

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