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A few weeks ago the lovely people at Rude Health sent me and Tyler some of their new breakfast pots & 2-ingredient kids cereal to try..

(I say kids but the hubby has definitely eaten half of it too!)

After trying out a few of the bits from the huge parcel throughout the week, we decided there was no better way to really get to grips with the new products than to have a Rude Health breakfast feast..

So we did, and here’s what we thought!

 The Breakfast Pots

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These almost-ready to eat pots of goodness come in 2 flavours – Almond butter with Sea Salt and Hazelnut Butter with Cacao and they have super convenient markings on the side of the pot so you can see where you need to fill up to with either hot water or milk and even have a few different marks to show where to fill to if you like your porridge a bit thicker or runnier as well as their middle of the road mark for the perfect in-between texture.

We tried each flavour with both hot water and heated Rude Health Almond milk and definitely preferred it with the milk. They were super creamy and not too sweet like other packaged porridges usually are. Rude Health only use completely natural, real ingredients so you don’t have to worry about that 10am slump after a chemical/refined sugar high!

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We also added some fruit on the side of ours – because that’s just how we do! Banana works really well with both flavours if you wanted to bulk it up a bit. My favourite flavour was the Almond butter (and as you can see, Tyler was pretty into it too!!) but they were both really good and we would definitely get them again.

TIP: These pots are great for chucking in your bag and taking to work if you don’t find time to eat in the morning and also if you can’t quite get that ‘perfect porridge’ when making it yourself at home. Save yourself the stress and get your face involved with these instead!

The Cereal


Kid’s cereals are something I never buy. They are usually packed full of sugar and loads of crap that I just would’t want my baby girl (or anyone) to eat. In fact there’s only 1 brand of cereal I have ever bought for Ty because it contains only a few, natural ingredients. This Rude Health organic cereal though is made from just 2 ingredients – you guessed it – spelt and honey.. Prizes for anyone who guessed!
(Not really – don’t hold me to that!)
Tyler really liked it dry as well as with almond milk. She’s had it warm and cold and has finished the bowl each and every time and always wanted more.
Perfect for mornings when I’ve got up a bit late, can’t find bits of uniform and just don’t have time to make beautiful bowls of oats!

I know that honey is a bit of a some do/some don’t subject for vegans
but I’ll be really honest, even before I was vegan I wasn’t really into honey and as I don’t buy it I just haven’t given it much thought. This is quite ignorant of me and as I write this I am actually a little mad at myself for not really researching how it’s produced before letting Tyler get face deep in it but she has eaten it now and I am going to be educating myself this week..

Vegan police – hold your fire!
I am human!
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Rude Health Love
I am a massive Rude Health fan. They are huge on flavour and quality with no tolerance for bullsh*t, modified, unnatural ‘food’. They are also London based and their branding is just so good.. even the name itself shows how unashamed they are of building a brand they truly believe in, even if it goes against the grain.
RH are definitely an inspiration for me and I can’t get enough of their incredible products.
(Absolutely must get to their cafe soon too – so cute!)

Just goes to show, again, that it can be done without all the chemicals
and crap that goes into the majority of packaged goods and actually tastes way better!

So, in their words..
‘Eat right, stay brilliant’

And in mine..
‘Have an incredible morning!’


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