#BEXFAST is all about the most incredible meal of the day – breakfast. My name just so happens to be Bex. Breakfast by Bex = #Bexfast. Simple maths!

I am a massive unnamed-2advocate of food that works to help your body function at it’s best while tasting like it should be bad for you! My goal in life is to eat cake for breakfast every day without all the side effects and this is where the idea to make my delicious dessert-tasting breakfast pots originated from.
I’m a firm believer in plants and the wonderful things they can do for your body so I started my oat-based breakfast range to make eating a junk free, indulgent tasting and genuinely healthy meal in the morning super easy, even if you never have time for breakfast.DSC_0166_



Every one of my #BEXFAST Pots is made from 100% natural ingredients. No added sugar. No preservatives. No crap. They are all hand made, by me, in London with a whole lot of love and passion for getting everyone (no matter what your other eating habits) to have an incredible morning. If you like the sound of raspberries with chocolate cream, caramel with crunchy peanut butter or carrot cake batter to eat in the a.m. with not an ounce of guilt then these pots are for you.

100% YUM. 0% JUNK.