Some of you reading this may have never had a #BEXFAST Pot (yet) and may not know that for the last 2 years I have hand written every single label.. That’s a LOT of writing! 


I love what I do so much and I feel the labels have been a great way of showing that my brand is made with dedication, personality and love rather than being processed through a faceless factory or just a money making scheme with no heart. Definitely not what I’m about! Some times I let my daughter draw little smiley faces on them and some times I write short messages in the hope that it will brighten the day of whoever’s hands it ends up in. The conversations and emails I have received as a result have made it all so very worth it, even the slight claw that my hand has turned into!

Unfortunately, I can’t keep writing them forever and as I plan to start upscaling it just isn’t going to be doable for much longer, so I am undergoing a bit of a rebrand. I will probably get a bit emotional about finally letting go of the original design but I’m also really excited about moving forward and to start taking #BEXFAST up a gear! I didn’t want to wait any longer to get this blog going so you will see the changes as we go. It kinda feels right this way anyway as, thanks to Instagram, many people have been on this journey with me from the very beginning when I was making the pots at home for myself.. So thankful for all the love and support along the way, it has been truly awesome so far!

Love and passion for good people and good food will always be at the heart of this company. So excited to see what happens next..


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